This product contains a blend of Protein and Vitamin Pellets.
Vitamin A:
strong antioxidant helps in eyecare and skincare.
Vitamin B1:
in Pregnancy, diabetic nutrition, Women’s Health. Increases appetite and prevents CVS problems.
Vitamin B2:
Improves Immunity. Beneficial in eyecare, Migraine.
Vitamin B6:
Beneficial in cancer therapy, diabetic nutrition, Women’s Health. Increases appetite.
Vitamin C:
Helps in iron absorption.
Vitamin E:
Beneficial in diabetic nutrition, Pregnancy, Women’s Health. Being an antioxidant, it helps against aging and preventing blood disorders.
Folic Acid:
Nutrition, Folate deficiency.
Vitamin B12:
Beneficial in Pregnancy, diabetic nutrition. Prevents CVS problems, anaemia.
Calcium pantothenate:
beneficial in skin care, Eye care
CVS, CNS care. Aids in weight loss therapy, improves memory strength.
Helps in CVS and thyroid problems, and in improving memory.
Ferrous Fumerate:
increases blood levels of iron in anemia
Magnesium sulphate:
Increasing levels of magnesium in blood. Beneficial in Women’s Health
Manganese sulphate:
Beneficial in Women’s Health, arthritis.
In copper deficiency, anaemia, arthritis.
Helps in treating Zinc deficiency and other disorders such as ADHD, improving immunity and dental health
Improves immunity, Beneficial in CVS care, Eye care, and Diabetic nutrition.
Green Tea extract:
Improves immunity, Bone strength. Beneficial in CVS care, Eye care, and Diabetic nutrition.
Beneficial in Thyroid care, Eyecare
At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture Blend of Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamin Pellets ranging over a variety of sizes depending on the customer applications & requirements. These Pellets can then be compressed into Tablets, Filled into Capsules /Soft gels as per the customer’s desired application.
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