Non-Pareil Seeds are spherical particles of uniform diameter. They are white, uniform granules that are practically inert, tasteless and odorless. Non-Pareil seeds are primarily composed of inert substances like starch, lactose. Non-Pareil seeds are usually white in colour but can also be made in a variety of colours based on specification. Non-Pareil seeds are stable at ambient conditions.
Non-Pareil Seeds are generally used as cores in sustained release formulations. Here, the Non- Pareil Seeds is the base upon which drugs are coated. The Non–Pareil seeds are then given a protective barrier. As sustained release formulations usually contain more than one dose of a given drug, the use of Non-Pareil Seeds will offer several advantages over other mechanisms:
(1) Subdividing the multiple doses onto many seeds, the risk of barrier failure and ‘Dose dumping’ of the drug can be reduced.
(2) When more than one drug is used in a formulation, Non-Pareil Seeds offer the advantage of using different barriers for different drugs in the same dosage form. In order to formulate for these characteristics, each drug is coated onto separate batches of Non-Pareil Seeds and given different protective barriers. This approach permits more than one drug to be incorporated into the dosage form while individually adjusting the mechanism to achieve the desired release profile for each drug individually.
3) By coating each drug onto Non-Pareil Seeds separately, the assays for each can be carried out separately without interference from the other drugs. If any batch of drug is found to be deficient, it can be adjusted/ discarded without the loss of other drugs in the formulation.
(4) Drug-coated Non-Pareil Seeds can be given coatings of inert colors that distinguish one drug from another. These can be blended and filled into capsule shells or incorporated in a suitable directly compressible vehicle and compressed into tablets.
(5) As different mechanisms for each drug delivery may produce barrier coatings of different thickness, a range Non-Pareil Seeds of different sizes can be made available.
Non-Pareil Seeds are available in polyethylene-lined drums.
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