Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. It is used most often for the prevention and treatment of common cold. It is also often used for infections such as acne and other skin infections, gum disease, bronchitis, stomach ulcers, and dysentery. It is also used against the infections of bladder and prostate. Vitamin C is also known to be effective against depression, dementia, Alzheimer's, mental stress, fatigue, and ADHD. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from diet. Additional uses include slowing aging, as well as counteracting the side effects of the stress hormone: cortisone. At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture Vitamin C Pellets ranging over a variety of sizes depending on the customer applications & requirements. These Pellets can then be compressed into Tablets, Filled into Capsules /Soft gels as per the customer’s desired application.
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