Ginkgos are large trees, normally reaching a height of 20–35 m. The tree has an angular crown and long, somewhat erratic branches, and is usually deep rooted and resistant to wind and snow damage. Ginkgo leaves are harvested green depending on the local climatic conditions.
The flavonoids of Ginkgo biloba are known for their antioxidant and radical scavenging properties, protecting neurons and retinal tissue against oxidative stress. Ginkgo biloba has widely accepted activity in regulating blood flow to the brain and the extremities and may therefore be used in counteracting conditions like vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness, tingling, and concentration disorders. Ginkgo is indicated for prevention of aging processes that reduce energy production in nerve cells which lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
ginkgo-biloba beadlets
Available form:
Immediate release Ginkgo biloba beadlets/ Ginkgo biloba beadlets with strength of 50%
Our solutions/ advantages:
These are ready to fill beadlets. We also offer multi-unit particulate beadlets compressible into tablets.
Our manufacturing processes for Ginkgo biloba beadlets:
The powder of Ginkgo biloba is mixed with other excipients in a high shear mixer and the wet mass is feeded into a single screw or a twin screw extruder, the wet extrudates are then feeded in wet condition into a spheronizer. The sphonization time varies per product but in approximately 5 minutes the extrudates are converted into spherical round spheres which are then further dried in a fluid bed dryer then further coated in a bottom spray fluid bed coater when needed. A vacuum tray dryer is also used when the product demands sensitive drying.
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