Domestic animals and those in intensive livestock production systems have a need of a diet that is balanced and needs all the specific requirements of the animals in question. Thus a healthy diet for any domestic animal will need to include the appropriate proportions of Supplements for Animal Feed:
. Vitamins
. Protein
. Fibre
. Minerals
At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we prepare a unique blend of all the necessary vitamins feed pellets and minerals for a variety of domestic animals based animal care pellets and pet care granules on their specific requirements. According to the customer's specifications, these pellets can be formulated over a wide variety of sizes.
S.N. Title Combination Fill
1 Birds Calcium 0.7%+Magnesium 0.15%+Phosphorus 0.7%+Potassium0.7%+Sodium0.2%+Copper 12mg/kg+iron 100mg/kg+ Manganese 65mg/kg+ Selenium 0.30mg/kg+ Zinc 50mg/kg+ Vit A 4000 IU/kg+ Vit D3 1200 IU/kg+ Vit E 250 mg/kg+ Vit K 0.5 mg/kg Each 500 gms of pellets contain 100 gms supplements
2 Cats Calcium 1%+Phosphorus 0.8%+Potassium 0.6%+Sodium 0.2%+Chloride 0.3%+Magnesium 0.08%+Iron 80mg/kg+ Copper 20mg/kg+ Manganese 7.5mg/kg+ Zinc 75mg/kg+ Iodine 0.35mg/kg+ Selenium 0.1mg/kg+ Vit A 9000IU/kg+ Vitamin D3 blends 750IU/kg+ Vit E 30IU/kg+ Vit K 0.1mg/kg Thiamine mononitrate pellets 5 mg/kg+ Riboflavin 4.0mg/kg+ Panthothenic acid 5.0 mg/kg+ Niacin 60 mg/kg+ Pyridoxine 4.0 mg/kg+ Folic acid 0.8 mg/kg+ Biotin Vit B12 0.02 mg/kg+ Choline 2400 mg/kg+ Taurine 0.3 mg/kg Each 500gms pellets contain 100 gms of supplements
3 Cows Crude Protein 22%+Ether extract 10%+Calcium 0.7%+ Phosphorus 0.6%+Magnesium 0.07%+Potassium 0.65%+Sodium 0.10%+Sulfur 0.29%+Iron 100ppm+ Cobalt 0.10ppm+ Copper 10ppm+ Manganese 40 ppm+ Zinc 40ppm+ Iodine 0.25ppm+ Selenium 0.30 ppm+ Vitamin A blends 1730 IU+ Vitamin D 273 IU+ Vitamin E 18 IU Each 500 gms of pellets contain 70 gms of supplements
4 Dogs Calcium 1.8+ Phosphorus 0.8+ Potassium 0.6% +Sodium 0.3%+ Chloride 0.45%+ Magnesium 0.04%+ Iron 80mg/kg+ Copper 7.3mg/kg+ Manganese 5.0mg/kg+ Zinc 120mg/kg+ Iodine 1.5mg/kg+ Selenium 0.11mg/kg+ Vit A 5000IU/kg+ Vit D 500IU/kg+ Vitamin E blends 50IU/kg+ Thiamine mononitrate 1.0mg/kg+ Riboflavin 2.2mg/kg+ Panthothenic acid 10mg/kg+ Niacin 11.4mg/kg+ Pyridoxine 1.0mg/kg+ Folic acid 0.18mg/kg+ Vit B12 0.022mg/kg+ Choline 1200mg/kg Each 1 kg of pellets contain 250 gms of supplements
5 Fish Magnesium 0.04%+ Phosphorus 0.45%+ Copper 5mg/kg+ Iodine 1.1 mg/kg+ Iron 39 mg/kg+ Manganese 2.4 mg/kg+ Zinc 20 mg/kg+ Selenium 0.25 mg/kg+ Vit A 2000IU/kg+Vit D 500 IU/kg+ Vit E 50 IU/kg+ Riboflavin 9mg/kg+ Panthothenic acid 15 mg/kg+ Niacin 14 mg/kg+ Choline 400 mg/kg+ Folate 1.5 mg/kg+ Thiamin 1 mg/kg+ Vitamin B6 pellets 3 mg/kg+ Vit C 20 mg/kg Each 500 gms pellets contain 110 gms of supplements
6 Rodent Calcium 0.95%+ Phosphorus 0.70 %+ Potassium 1.28 %+ Magnesium 0.23 %+ Sulfur 0.36 %+ Sodium 0.39 %+ Chloride 0.64%+ Iron 240 ppm+ Zinc 85 ppm+ Manganese 75 ppm+ Copper 15 ppm+ Cobalt 0.91 ppm+ Iodine 0.99ppm+ Chromium 0.01ppm+ Selenium 0.41 ppm+ Carotene 2.3 ppm+ Vitamin K blends 1.3 ppm+ Thiamin 16 ppm+ Riboflavin 4.7 ppm+ Niacin 120 ppm+ Panthothenic acid 24ppm+ Choline 2250ppm+ Folic acid 7.1 ppm+ Pyridoxine 6.0ppm+ Biotin pellets 0.30ppm+ B12 51ppm+ Vit A 15 IU+ Vit D 4.6 IU+ Vit E 42 IU Each 500 gms contain 120 gms of supplements
7 Sheep Sodium 0.09%+ Calcium 0.20%+ Phosphorus 0.16 %+ Magnesium 0.12%+ Potassium 0.50%+ Sulfur 0.14%+ Iodine 0.10mg+ Iron 30mg+ Copper 7mg+ Molybdenum 0.5mg+ Cobalt 0.1mg+ Manganese 20 mg+ Zinc 20 mg+ Selenium 0.1mg Each 1 kg of pellets contain 180 gms of supplements
8 Pig Calcium 0.9%+ Phosphorus 0.7%+ Sodium 0.25%+ Chlorine 0.25%+ Magnesium 0.04%+ Potassium 0.30%+ Copper 6.0mg+ Iodine 0.14 mg+ Iron 100 mg+ Manganese 4.0 mg+ Selenium 0.3mg+ Zinc 100mg+ Vit A 2,200 iu+ Vit D3 220 iu+ Vit E 16 iu+ Vit K 0.5 mg+ Biotin 0.08mg+ Choline 0.6g+ Folacin 0.3mg+ Niacin 20.0mg+ Panthothenic acid 12.0mg+ Riboflavin pellets 4.0mg+ Thiamin 1.5mg+ Vit B6 2.0mg + Vit B12 20.0 mg+ Linolenic acid 0.10 % Each 1 kg of pellets contain 100gms of Supplements
9 Horse